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In an effort to provide transparency, we plan to eventually display the results of all of our past predictions and provide a system that measures our accuracy. In the meantime, here are the results of some of our more notable recent predictions, and a tool that allows you to view how those predictions evolved over time.

Yearly Events:

Oscars: 2013, 2014, 2015 (

NCAA Basketball: 2014 (

Eurovision: 2013, 2014 (

NBA Basketball: (

MLB Baseball:

NFL Football:


2012: 2012 Presidential Election , 2012 Senate Elections

2014: 2014 Senate Elections , 2014 Gubernatorial Elections , 2014 House Elections

Big Events:

2014 Soccer World Cup



Here are some key papers for reference. Please visit for additional research and more about David Rothschild's work.

Forecasting Elections: Comparing Prediction Markets, Polls, and their Biases Public Opinion Quarterly. 2009. Vol. 73, No. 5, pp 895-916.

Forecasting Elections: Voter Intentions versus Expectations with Justin Wolfers. This Draft: November 1, 2012.

Combining Forecasts: Accuracy and Timeliness. This Draft: July 21, 2012.

Fundamental Models for Forecasting Elections with Patrick Hummel. Email for Copy of Paper.

The Extent of Price Misalignment in Prediction Markets with David Pennock. Email for Copy of Paper.


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Press Usage (We note here just a selection of press that use PredictWise data in their coverage):

New York Times (Upshot)



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