Still To Come at PredictWise

We are currently working on or considering the following additions to PredictWise:

1) An "Accuracy" section, which will measure PredictWise's historical accuracy, as well as the historical accuracy for each of our sources, sortable by category and by time period.

2) A User Forum, in which users can discuss current predictions, polls, or anything else.

3) A ranking or league system, or some other form of social competition, in which users are rewarded for the accuracy and frequency of their poll responses.

4) More sophisticated adjustments to the predictions of our sources. For example, academic research has shown that prediction markets have certain biases (such as the Favorite-Longshot bias, in which bettors tend to overstate the chances of a longshot to win and understate the chances of a favorite). Some of these biases are predictable enough that they can be reliably "debiased" to create a more accurate prediction than the raw data. Additionally, we plan to implement a more sophisticated weighting system when determining how each of our sources will factor into our PredictWise prediction on a given event, rather than simply averaging them.

5) Shorter-term, more frequent predictions, such as the daily predictions for every game in every major sport.

6) User-created predictions, in which users can create their own public or private markets to establish the probabilities for any given event to occur.

7) New categories of predictions and, of course, new predictions within each category.

If you have any other suggestions for potential new features, please let us know via the 'Contact Us' link below.

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If you have any other suggestions for potential new features, please Contact Us and let us know.